Android screencasting – at last!

We have been looking for an Android screencasting solution for quite some time. Sadly, any apps we found apps required rooting the device.

Finally we have found an Android app that allows screencasting without rooting (at least for Lollipop users).

Mirror Beta (designed by Koushik Dutta) provides great quality screencasts and also allows you to mirror to an Apple TV or AirPlay device.

Hopefully you will see some Android Mathcasts on the site soon…

Teaching and Learning with Technology Day, 2014

A big thank you to everyone who attended our screencasting session at Seneca College’s Teaching & Learning with Technology Day at the Newnham campus Sandbox.

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Seneca Teaching with Technology Day 2014

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Newnham Mathcasting Lunch Event

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Newnham Mathcasting lunch event. It was so good to see so many areas of the college represented!

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More Mathcasting at S@Y!

Another amazing Mathcast event today with students, faculty, and staff experimenting with screencasting.  So good to see students and representatives from SBSAC, ELS, the Learning Centres and Seneca Libraries working together!

A big thank you to the Seneca Alumni Association for their continued support of the project!

Stay tuned for more Seneca Mathcast Events!

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Seneca@York Mathcasting Event

We had an amazing lunchtime Mathcasting event at Seneca@York today – students and faculty creating, playing, learning… and eating.

Thanks so much to everyone who came along!

See you again next week???

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Screencasting apps for iOS








We came across two interesting apps for screencasting on iOS devices -and vthe good news is they’re free! Expect to see some content created on these apps appearing on this site in the not-too-distant future.